I’m a born and raised New Yorker and I love the city and how much love fans have for their favorite teams.  I never paid much attention to hockey until I was in high school and some of my friends (a Rangers fan, an Isles fan and a Devils fan) were always jawing at each other.  Another friend said I had to see a game, so we sat down and watched a Rangers game.  Instantly I was hooked, finding a favorite player right away (Jeff Beukeboom, because hello, the sound he made smacking people around is part of his name, BOOM!) and just loving the sheer entertainment of the game.  I started watching the season before they won the Cup, and win they did win, I almost missed a state Regents final because I didn’t want to stop watching the victory parade!! 

I actually seem to have the opposite story of most people, because I got my dad into hockey instead of the other way around.  I still remember the first game he took my sister and I to, sitting in the very last row of MSG watching the Rangers beat the Panthers…it was awesome!  Bought my first jersey immediately, which I still have hanging in the closet to this day.

Admittedly, I did lose interest in the game when the lockout came, and it took me a few seasons to enjoy the game again.  However I am back in full force, with a few new favorite players, a closet holding a growing number of jerseys, and what will probably end up being a permanent sore throat from all the yelling at games!  To me, there’s nothing better than going to a game at your favorite arena and cheering along with 18,000 fellow fanatics, and I hope to be going to MSG for many years to come.

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