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  1. Royce Markey
    May 28, 2010 at 8:56 am

    Allright ladies!!! Saw you on WGN this morn and; cheers to you. There are a ton of true women hockey fans born & bred here in Chicago. Because of my mom, 7 daughters grew up with Makita, Hull, Esposito. Been following this exciting, young team and; so ecstatic about the trip to the Cup. Took my mom (88, huge hockey fan, just passed this year) to a playoff game at the Chicago Stadium just before it was torn down. Always watch all the Olympic games. My oldest sister lives up in Edmonton and; torn when cheering during the olympics. Just turned my “little” from Big Brothers Big Sisters during the olympics & she is hooked! My youngest sister lives in Boulder, a big Avalanche fan, but true love is the Hawks. I would like to nominate her as your representative for the Blackhawks. She knows the game extremely well, knows the players, and; definitely not a puck bunny.

    Love the guys, the speed, the skill. Thanks for keeping it real.

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